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Wedding Cakes

We specialize in scratch-made, European-style cakes made with unique flavors and custom, elegant designs. We are proud to have been a source of joy and happiness at over 1,500 weddings in Central Ohio. A full time bakery in business for 26 years; our expertise guarantees your satisfaction!

A taste that begs for a second piece! Leave a lasting impression on your guests on your most special day!

Cake Selections
Suisse Almond * Chocolate Suisse Almond * Lemon Blossom * Best Yellow * Best Chocolate * Red Velvet * White Chocolate Empress * Carrot Cake * Chocolate Mocha * Spice Cake * Cheescake

Red Raspberry (seedless) * Fresh Fruit w/ Pastry Cream * Fresh Fruit w/ Chocolate Ganache * Apple * Apricot * Blueberry * Cherry * Lemon * Orange * Pineapple * Strawberry * Chocolate Truffle * White Chocolate Truffle * Grand Marnier Truffle * Hazelnut Cream * Mocha Cream. Any Liquors such as: Rum * Grand Marnier * Frangelico * Bailey’s Irish Cream & Amaretto

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French Butter Cream * Chocolate Butter Cream * Liquer-flavored Butter Cream * White Chocolate Truffle * Marzipan * Fondant: Bright White or Dark Chocolate

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to try the best-tasting wedding cake available. Appointments are reserved for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please call us at 614-846-5102 to schedule a time convenient for you.

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